Aim and Objective

The Nursing Department aims to provide exceptional outcomes for patients and families through safe, quality, and caring services. The nurse workforce consists of ward managers, clinical nurses, registered nurses and enrolled nurses. Our team embraces local and international nurses from different areas of the world. Likewise, our nurses are expected to meet patient and organizational goals.
The Nursing department has subdivisions consisting of medical, surgical, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, labour unit, dialysis unit, casualty and emergency, operation theatre, and reproductive health unit. The nursing work force has 72 %local nurses and 28% expatriate nurses. A ward in charge is allocated to each ward.
During the informal timings the one who is in-charge of that shift will take responsibility to manage the in-patient units. Apart from this a nursing coordinator is allocated to each shift in the hospital.

Nursing Structure



Core values within the nursing department are:

  • giving compassionate patient centered care
  • team work
  • respecting patients and team members
  • advocating for patients’ rights
  • Providing professional development.


The continuous services which we provide are: reproductive health care (antenatal, postnatal, family is planning, adolescent health screening), inpatient nursing care, outpatient dressings, injections and minor procedures. Moreover nurses conduct on-going health awareness programs for the public, conduct school health screening sessions, and supports public health unit for the home visits by providing our skilled nurses. Through education, coaching and mentoring, we are committed to the development of professional nurses.

The nursing department gives their full support on community based activities arranged by hospital management and the government.